Why We Need Them


Investing in property should be a fun, exciting process, yet it is all too often a stressful one. The key to success is the involvement of experienced professionals who can combine their different expertise and who can advise you appropriately, to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Putting your trust in experienced specialists gives you enough time to think things through calmly and to enjoy the process!

Who Should be on the Team and Why?


Professional Assistance in Deciding on Your Investments


If you’re not an expert in the world of real estate or finance, these professionals can look out for your interests in the market and will make sure you are aware of all the options available to you.


  1. Mortgage Brokers:

Mortgage Brokers will make sure you’re aware of all your loan options and will act as an intermediary between yourself and your creditors. They will save you a lot of time on back and forth communication and research, as well as helping you secure the best possible loans.


  1. Quantity Surveyors:

Quantity Surveyors manage the costs of a property. They estimate the costs of the work needed to be done on a property, its value, as well as its possible depreciation schedule. They also prepare detailed market analysis on properties for you, to ensure you invest in the right property (for the right price); they also help you determine when it might be best to put the property on the market.


  1. Building Inspectors:

Building Inspectors help you expose what a selling agent may have neglected to tell you. They provide you with written reports of any faults the property may have, suggest whether the faults can be repaired, and outline the estimated costs of the repairs. They also write pest reports – these could save you costly pest-control procedures in the future!


  1. Buyers Advocates:

Not everyone is skilled in the art of negotiation. If you’re not confident enough in your negotiation skills, Buyers Advocates will help you find a property that matches what you’re looking for, as well as negotiate the best deal they can get on your behalf.


Professional Legal and Financial Advice


Acquiring professional help for legal procedures can make complicated, long processes much simpler and quicker.


  1. Solicitors:

Solicitors provide you with any legal advice you may require. They make sure you understand all your contracts (both the ones you offer and those that you are offered) and make sure that you’re aware of the laws of the country – they help you avoid being taken advantage of as well as any future legal troubles.


  1. Financial Advisers:

Financial Advisers will help you protect your assets, plan strategies for how to best invest your capital and how to handle your resources. They understand the various trends in the markets and can help you make well-informed decisions.


  1. Accountants:

Accountants will help you fit your taxes into your financial calculations and generally help you better understand the costs and benefits of the various courses of action that you may be considering.



Professional Maintenance of Your Property


  1. Real Estate Agents:

Real Estate Agents can save you a lot of time and hassle. They’ll help you buy, sell and rent out your property, as well as to maintain it. Different agencies offer different services, but many will run comprehensive tenant selection checks, make sure your tenants are comfortable and keep the house well maintained.


  1. Builders:

Having a builder on call often comes in handy. Urgent needs for repairs can be dealt with quickly, and any renovations done on the house will be conducted by someone who you are already familiar with and who already knows the house’s history.


  1. Insurance Brokers:

Insurance Brokers act as intermediaries between their clients and various insurance companies – they help to find the most suitable property insurance (whether you’re a landlord or living in your own home). They have professional knowledge of the risks and the insurance market and can find you the best deals.


Building up your investment portfolio can be very rewarding when done properly. Seeking professional council does not mean giving up on your own instincts and knowledge – trained experts can set you off in the right direction to making your own well-informed decisions!